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CAP regulation CAPR 39-1 covers uniform requirements for Cadets and Senior Members. There are many uniform options in the Civil Air Patrol. 

The most common uniforms cadets wear are:

  • ABU
  • Blues
  • PT uniforms  (PT uniforms are not standard; each unit has their own solution. Official Air Force PT gear is acceptable or your local squadrons solution)

Curry Voucher
Cadets will earn a $100.00 'Curry' voucher to help purchase blues through Vanguard. Prepared cadets should be able to earn their Curry Achievement within a couple of weeks. You will receive an email that says "Congratulations on your Curry Achievement! You have earned $100 for your uniform. Your code is XXXX". To redeem your voucher you MUST go to this link, and enter the code.  The code is not valid on Vanguard's main website! This is one time use only and will expire in 45 days!

In an effort to encourage active participation in the cadet program, the Bismarck Squadron will reimburse the cost of required CAP uniform items, except those that are personalized with a cadet’s name. Any item with a personalized name must be purchased separately at the cadets own expense. The cadet is expected to use any scholarship money, Curry Voucher, or other funds offered by Wing, Region, or National for uniform items before requesting reimbursement from the Squadron. If a cadet leaves CAP, any uniform items paid for by the Squadron must be returned to the Squadron for reuse. Our squadron maintains this supply of uniform items and will distribute those that can be reused before purchasing new items. 

Our squadron has a NET30 account with Vanguard for uniform items that are purchased by the Squadron. Any uniform items being paid for by the Squadron needs to be ordered by Squadron leaders. DO NOT order on your own unless you plan to pay for the items yourself. Speak to the Squadron leaders for a checklist of eligible items and to place an order. 

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